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My name is Karisa Wright, and I am the owner of True Crew Windows and Doors, LLC. I live in Muncie, IN, with my husband, Mike Wright, and our youngest daughter, Karoline Grace.

I have over 25 years of experience in home remodeling, specifically in energy-efficient windows and doors. My siblings and I grew up as a P.K. My dad was the preacher of the same congregation for over 50 years. We learned a lot of lessons in the pews and even more watching and listening as lives past ours. I’ve brought those lessons to True Crew. I hope you see them reflected!

Karisa's Father


We WILL make window buying decisions easier by providing our customers with: …

  1. The best product options are available to meet your budget and needs.
  2. Quote breakdowns that share the manufacturer’s actual suggested retail price: no mystery or confusion and no inflated prices.
  3. Thoughtful and interested window consultants (not salesmen) who enjoy windows and design. No pressure. No games.
  4. Excellence in installation practices, including best building materials, tools, and processes.
  5. The truth.


True Crew advocates for our customers by negotiating the best deals with the best manufacturers. We work for our customers by providing consistent and true value with each quote we write. Our goal is to provide the best solution for the individual needs of each customer without compromise. Our profitability will be established through hard work and follow through, and never through overpricing.


  1. The price per window is not affected by how quickly a customer signs a contract. We work for you.
  2. Our price per window is not affected by how many windows you buy at once. We work for you.
  3. We will hold our quoted price for 1 year under normal conditions. That’s how we thank you for the privilege of quoting your renovation. We work for you.
  4. If you decide to use one of our competitors for your renovation instead of us, we will be sad, but we will forgive you. We know the hardest part will be forgiving yourself later.


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"We look forward to working with you toward your perfect renovation"



Karisa with her daughters Olivia and Karoline


Karisa and her son James