Various Solutions for Your Home’s Exterior and Interior

At True Crew Windows and Doors we are on a mission to bring our favorite products home to our customers.

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Siding Renovation by True Crew Windows and Doors

I was never a big fan of the seams that stand out in carelessly installed vinyl siding. I was never a fan of the J-channel some installers use around windows. Vinyl siding companies tell us that vinyl siding can look like painted wood. Seams and unnecessary lines make that a tough sell. At True Crew, we take the extra steps to make your vinyl siding something that really classes up the place. 

If you want to talk siding…. We love the topic! We can introduce you to something new and something cool!

  • Fiber Cement Stucco
  • Seamless Vinyl Siding
  • Vinyl Shingles and Shakes
  • Steel Planking

One product we recommend and install is a steel planking system inspired by the sleek aesthetic and weather-tight performance of shiplap. This bold and brave siding is born to turn heads. With eight interchangeable solid hues and four versatile and variegated woodgrains to choose from, styling options are limitless.


I love when form follows function, and sometimes you just wish someone would build exactly what you are looking for. I love the company, Parrett Windows and Doors, for being so willing to draw outside the lines! Check out this Tilt-Turn Simulated Hung Window! Imagine the ease of reaching over the couch or the sink to open this in swing window instead of climbing around and using both hands to try to lift a bottom sash! So cool! I want one!


I LOOOOVVVVEEE my dogs so I’m always trying to find solutions to the messes they make in my house. So far, our Roomba isn’t cutting it.

I have, of course, found a few products that I do love for home exteriors!

Let’s face it, Larson makes a great storm door. I can maybe find a few products that can hit a few special octaves above the Larson range, but when it comes to an overall great storm door, they are hard to beat. They must also be dog lovers because they came out with a great doggie door solution!


Sometimes you just want to let the outside in minus the bugs and bad guys. The bug problem can be handled with most screen products, but the bad guys are more of a challenge. Fortunately, some “true fresh air fanatics” decided to tackle the problem and built an awesomely tough Security Screen Door.

Check it out:

Sometimes it’s just about the bugs. Larson steps up to the plate in the cool screen arena with their New Wall Screens. Now I can leave my patio doors open in the summer and keep the out the bugs!

The LARSON Retractable Wall Screen is custom designed to fit openings up to 315* (26-1/4) wide and 118* (nearly 10’) high. The expansive viewing panel and sleek design will be the talk of your neighborhood!

At TRUE CREW we are always looking for new COOL PRODUCTS! If you see something new that’s cool, please let us in on it! We like to share ideas!