Let True Crew Spare You The Drama!

The one thing you learn quickly at True Crew in renovation is that you only know what you’re getting into once you rip things apart. I always have a blood pressure spike when I get a call from a new installer early on a new window or door project… “Hey… We have a huge problem here!!!” I’ve learned to hold off on a heart attack until I ask a few questions to scale what “huge problem” means. Many times, it’s rotted wood that must be removed and replaced before installing a new window or door into the existing framing. To me, that’s not a huge problem. That’s something that True Crew should be glad to have exposed before it worsened and should be proud to repair for our customers.  Repairing the substrate adds incredible validity and value to their investment.

When I watched this video (see below) taken by my son last week as he helped
on a current project, I was so proud of my company installers. I never even got
a “management decision needed” call, and my son never mentioned the
the extra step he was filming here when he sent me the install videos of the

My installers always have materials on our trucks to tackle minor
issues. They know by now that I prefer to do something other than upcharge my customers. Isaiah was
replacing a rotted sill without thinking twice about it. I love it!

At True Crew, this rotted sill is just part of the job. Our customers didn’t get hit with a dramatic story about how much work this would take to repair. No one got hit with an additional charge. (Head’s up… It is common in our industry for contractors to make more on inflated “add on’s” than on the contracted job. I’ve heard contractors brag about it, which makes my blood boil

  Of course, we can run into cases where there are more significant issues on an install, and we do have to discuss those with our customers.  So we would not be wise to assume that everything is foreseeable, and we are honest about that. However, the big thing is that we don’t want to profit from add on’s. That’s one of the things that will always set us apart in customer satisfaction. 

Once again, True Crew will carefully and thoughtfully complete our jobs the right way even when no one is watching…. drama free! It’s why we say with confidence, “It’s Easy When It’s True.” I hope we get a chance to work with you and validate the actual value (seen and unseen) you will add to your home with True Crew Windows and Doors!

Karisa Wright


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